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Technical Rules

All vehicles must be available for purchase from a major manufacturer currently/previously as a factory OEM vehicle.

No Open Wheel vehicles, Clubman or Kit cars allowed.

All vehicles must have four (4) wheels with the steering acting on the front wheels only.

No centre steer vehicles allowed.

No engine leaks of any kind.

No loose items within engine bay.

Full interior must be retained with the exception of the items below: OEM seats can be changed out for approved racing seats however, once approved racing seats are used, it is compulsory for a 4-point harness minimum to be used as well.

Rear seats may be removed.

All vehicles must be equipped with a full length dashboard.

Modifications made to the vehicle cannot compromise the safety or structural integrity of the vehicle.

*Traction Circle Club reserves the right to reject any vehicle without deemed unsafe without further justifications. All decisions are final.

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