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    • 17 Jun 2023
    • 6:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • Sepang F1 Circuit

    Saturday Night Track Day and CCT Continues!

    Yes, Saturday night!!! And due to overwhelming response from participants and spectators,  we are going to run CCT and details can be found here

    What else? 

    • Limo service will be there to send your love ones to factory outlet shopping, they will be back in time to willingly help you pack up after spending your money.
    • The usual amazing team from Grip Academy will be there for you and if you need more of them, please reach out to them. They do wonders and hearsay the give specials. 
    • The usual perks and facilities will be there. Tech support from Vin D aka Eric will be there, family...

    It's a Saturday night track day, it is a CCT track day, you get to please your love ones while you are having fun. Need us say more? See you there. 

    PRICING Details

    CCT Participants (Now till 12 June 2023)

    Members: S$350

    *conditions apply, please read them here.

    Early Bird (Now till 12 June 2023)

    Members: S$300

    Regular Rate (13 June – 16 June 2023)
    Members: S$400

    On-Day Rate (17 June 2023)
    Members: S$500

    *Track fees entitle a single driver in the racetrack. Secondary drivers who wish to share cars are subject to the same fees. Registered drivers entitled to drive multiple cars. 


    For CCT, please ensure that you are qualified to participate. TCC reserve the rights to reject any CCT participants without further explanation.  


    Transponder are prioritised for CCT participants 

    Sepang Timing Transponders are available first come first serve with a refundable deposit. All drivers are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms of our FAQ (


    All members are required to maintain a usable towing point (and know where it is) on their vehicles in order to be considered track-worthy.

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