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Charity Tee - Pray for Türkiye-Syria

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A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey near the city of Gaziantep on 6 February, while people were sleeping. Hours later, a second earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hit the nearby Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş province. The two earthquakes not only devastated much of southern Turkey, but they also badly affected northwestern Syria – a country that has already suffered due to an ongoing military conflict. Media reports indicate that the death toll could be nearing 8,000 in the two countries. As of 12 Feb, the death toll surpass 29000. We are selling t-shirts at $20 and we ask for your support as the FULL AMOUNT (TCC will pay for cost of Tshirt) of your purchase will be donated to support the needs of those in Syria and Turkey who are affected by the earthquake. Please do best. Thank you.

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